What is Drycleaning ?

Dry cleaning is a term used for cleaning clothes, upholstery and other type of fabrics with the help of solvents other than water. This is how dry cleaning has been done traditionally. These solvents, however, cause irreparable harm to both humans and environment. However, at Accohr Drycleaners, we use world’s latest technology which is completely eco-friendly and Woolmark certified.

What dry cleaning services does Accohr Drycleaners provide?

We provide best dry cleaning service for bridal wear, and silk sarees. Our dry clean service portfolio also includes woolens, suit, lehenga, carpet, blanket, curtains, blinds, soft toys, suitcase/trolleys and leather jackets. We also provide steam iron, raffu (darning), and color dyeing.

Do you offer shoe cleaning and repairs?

We most certainly do. We are able to clean, repair and restore all kinds of shoes including carrying out colour restoration on leather shoes. Please contact our concierge team to discuss your specific requirements.

Is there anything you are unable to clean?

There isn’t much. However, on some occasions, we may feel that due to age or condition, the fragility of an item would result in it being damaged during cleaning. In these rare instances, we will contact you and discuss options before proceeding. If you have concerns about a specific item, please contact our concierge team who will be happy to advise.

Why you are best drycleaner in Faridabad ?

Our services are trusted by Faridabadians and we have customers in each sector of Faridabad. We use world’s latest Lagoon technology which makes our process color bleeding and shrinkage proof. Also, we can remove 90% of stains, no matter how old they are. We also use Hydrocarbon machines which saves your life of garments and enhance shade of garments.

What is Turn Around Time(TAT) of Accohr Drycleaners ?

Generally, we give items in 48-72 hours but in case customer needs urgent we can deliver the item same day or next day also as per requirement of customer.

Who is best drycleaner in Faridabad ?

Generally if we describe the definition of Best. Best refers highest quality or level; most suitable. As we believes in customer serviceability and customer approach so we are only best drycleaner in Faridabad and as per our availability, we are near by drycleaner to you or every faridabadians.