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Quilt vs Comforter – What’s the difference

Adarsh (2020 7 February)

Choosing what goes on your bed doesn’t have to be complicated but between quilts, duvets and comforters, you do have a lot of choices. Understanding the differences between them can help you sleep a little easier, knowing you’ve got the comfiest fit for your home.

Some people use all of these terms interchangeably but there actually is a difference between them. So let’s dive deeper into what makes each unique!


Let’s start by taking a look at what a quilt is. A quilt is made up of three pieces. There is the top, which is usually made up of several different swatches of fabric stitched together in a pattern, then a thin layer of batting in the middle, then the backing which is another piece of fabric sandwiching the batting. The pieces are stitched together with the stitching forming a pattern as well.

Quilts are typically fairly thin. This makes them great for layering over other blankets or for using in warmer climates when you only want a thin layer on top.

There is a whole world of artists who make homemade quilts. These quilts can be fragile and used more for decoration than for actually keeping warm. They should only be professionally cleaned to preserve the fabric and the stitches.

You can also purchase quilts that are made by machine and these are a great option for anyone who wants to easily clean their bedding more regularly. Quilts are typically thinner and can be put in the washing machine.

Quilt vs Comforter


Comforters are a bit bulkier than quilts. They are made up of three pieces as well. The top layer is fabric, the middle is a thick filling like down or down alternative, then a bottom layer of fabric completes the piece. The top and bottom piece of fabric are usually one solid piece, rather than smaller pieces stitched together like a quilt.

Comforters are not usually made by hand. The fluffy filling makes it difficult to do so and comforters aren’t usually considered a piece of art like quilts may be.

Many comforters are too bulky to fit in a washing machine and therefore require professional cleaning on a quarterly basis.

What really sets comforters apart from quilts is the thick, insulating interior. This filling helps keep warmth in but it also gives the piece more volume and fluff that looks comfy on top of a bed.


If you are trying to decide between a quilt and a comforter it is ultimately up to your personal preference.

A quilt may be a better fit for those who sleep warm and just need a thin layer of coverage. A comforter may be better for keeping you warm. It’s also not unheard of to go with both! You could choose a comforter for the aesthetic and also add a quilt to the bed for added color and comfort.

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