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Best Drycleaners - Accohr Drycleaners

Adarsh (2020 7 February)

Faridabad city is a sprawling metropolis in Delhi-NCR with most of its residents leading very busy and active lifestyles. Faridabad is also one of the leading cities in the Delhi-NCR when it comes to fashion and bespoke tailoring. Dry cleaning is one of the many conveniences people rely on and something they regularly outsource to free up time for other activities.

Accohr Drycleaners is one of the best drycleaning company in Faridabad offering customers superior quality at affordable prices. With everything available at the click of a button on @whatsapp including Curtain drycleaning and sofa cleaning we are your one stop solution for it all. Accohr Drycleaners not only offer convenience but also great customer service and an easy hassle free process.

We operate on a simple three step procedure which entails the following:

The order is brought back to the store, inspected and cleaned. The driver then takes the order back to the customer at the appropriate time slot. Fashion and the dry cleaning industry are parallel to one another. Especially for vintage and couture clothing with delicate trimmings and beads, there is no other option but to dry clean. Accohr Drycleaners with its decades of experience is the best company in Faridabad for this job. We can increase the vibrance and longevity of your expensive garments by drawing on our experience and using the most appropriate cleaning method. We do this on a per item basis so that no matter how delicate the item, we will find a way to clean and maintain it for you.

Accohr Drycleaners operate on the motto of “Quality That Matters”. Hence, our prices reflect that as we are very reasonable. With Shirt/Pant starting from just Rs 90/- including GST, we aim to provide customers with the best quality but without breaking the bank. Because of our quality and satisfaction promise, we have grown into one of the best dry cleaners in Faridabad. With many important clients and repeat business from customers , we are proud to be growing and becoming bigger and better. Also, we are getting references from customers.

Accohr Drycleaners is also one of the third parties many companies entrust with their dry cleaning orders because of our state of the art factory and up to date machinery. However, we do everything in house and can clean every fabric from wool and leather to suede and silk. Our in house operations allow us to keep our prices down and offer customers quicker turnaround times.

Therefore, if you need a dry cleaning service that will take exceptional care of our expensive delicate items or urgently need a suit or pair of curtains cleaned, visit We are also in process of developing a mobile application so you can order your cleaning on the go. Immaculate clothes and pristine home linen is just a few taps away so what are you waiting for?