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Best Drycleaner near me

Adarsh (2020 7 February)

When a customer types in "@best drycleaners near me", he or she is looking for a company which can pick up and deliver in the allocated time slot, offer excellent customer service and be pocket friendly while providing professional quality cleaning at the same time. Ticking off all of four factors requires hard work and dedication plus years of built up expertise. Accohr Drycleaners is proud to offer all four of these competitive advantages to its customers. Having been in the business since 2020, Accohr Drycleaners has grown and evolved into one of the best drycleaners in Faridabad.

Recognizing early on that dry cleaning was something the busy lifestyle of the city required direly, we started off as a brick and mortar store in Sector-9, Faridabad. However, the need of the hour has changed. As we become more globalized and our lifestyle becomes busier, we cannot adhere to the typical shop working hours i.e. 9 am to 8 pm. Hence, Accohr Drycleaners diversified and created an online platform to provide 12 hour service to our customers. 3 years in the dry cleaning industry has taught us many valuable lessons. The first and foremost is ensuring customer satisfaction.

We strive to ensure that each and every customer we serve is happy with the service they receive. No company can be successful without satisfied customers. Our other strength is our work force who have been with Accohr Drycleaners for more than a decade. They are each trained in their area of work. Even Dry Cleaners delivery drivers are fully knowledgeable about the processes we use so they can guide customers upon pick up. Dry Cleaning to us is not just a day job but a passion and something we are looking to improve upon every day. Our aim at Dry Cleaners is to become better and better and serve our customers to the best of our abilities.

This is why we have strict quality checks and inspections in place. Every item prior to cleaning is inspected and all care labels carefully scrutinized. In case of any doubt, we always contact the customer. After cleaning, if our team member is not satisfied with the results the item will be re cleaned without the customer incurring any additional charges. Using only the best quality eco friendly solvents, we are gentle to your clothes and linen.

Accohr Drycleaners believe that no company can become the best unless they care for and conserve the environment it operates in. Hence, we have CNG vans to cut down on pollution. Our fully computerized systems from the Point of sale (POS) in the stores to the use of @Google Maps in the delivery vehicles has allowed us to reduce our paper usage.

Not only are computerized systems helping us conserve the trees but also helping us be faster and more organized. At Accohr Drycleaners, our motto is “Quality that Matters”. Try our dry cleaning services today to see the difference.