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Does Dry Cleaning Disinfect Clothes?

Adarsh (2020 7 February)

The process of dry cleaning can be very confusing for someone who has never seen it done. It’s hard to imagine fabrics getting clean without being scrubbed and dunked in soapy, sudsy water. Can clothes really get clean without water/solvent ?

With all the viruses in the world right now you might be asking, does dry cleaning really disinfect clothes?

The answer is a resounding YES!


When you clean your clothes at home in a washing machine, the machine fills with water and soap. The soap helps to lift away the dirt and germs that may be hiding in the fabrics and a final rinse washes those germs and bacteria away.

The dry cleaning process uses a heated chemical solvent to clean clothes. Garments are placed in a large drum which fills with the solvent. The solvent contains little or no water so it helps prevent any shrinking or stretching that usually occurs in water.

Does dry cleaning disinfect ?

Clothes are still spun and agitated, to ensure the solvent reaches everywhere and has a chance to loosen any stains or marks. In addition to loosening stains, the solvent actually kills bacteria. In this way it is even more effective at cleaning fabrics than washing with water may be.

The final step in dry cleaning is steaming away wrinkles and hanging the garments on hangers. Steaming has also been shown to kill bacteria and effectively clean as well.

If you’ve ever had doubts that your dry cleaned clothes are really getting clean, you can rest easy. Today’s dry cleaning process at @Accohr Drycleaners is effective, safe and approved by Seitz Gmbh as we are using German chemicals only.