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Lagoon Wet Cleaning

When you select lagoon wet cleaning, you enter a new realm of unparalleled perks and advantages. The ideal combination of purpose-built wet-cleaning machines (varying capacities provide maximum flexibility and cater to a variety of market needs), a new generation of detergents, and dedicated programmes ensures effective cleaning and allows garments to dry completely in the dryer, without the need for hanging dry time to relax the fibres and with minimal finishing required. Due to the fact that water is utilised as the solvent in the process, no hazardous chemicals are required, making it ecologically safe, while the shorter process time ensures faster and more efficient service.

Accohr Professional's lagoon Care technology not only increases the reliability and sustainability of the garment washing process, but also makes it easier and safer for workers to use, ensuring consistently high quality results. By ensuring superior customer satisfaction and enabling wet-cleaning to function with the same process time, efficiency, and smooth handling as dry cleaning, lagoon Advanced Care enables company success.

Exact and rapid outcomes 1 Hour Dry-to-Dry Intelligent detergents and new procedures enable clothing to be dried in the dryer, eliminating the need for hang-drying. Garments that have been completely dried are wrinkle-free and simple to finish.

Unparalleled user experience :

Interface that is both modern and intuitive The new ClarusVibe control ensures seamless interaction, allowing for an intelligent and simple management of the lagoon® process.

Return on investment is rapid :

With a greater loading factor, less prespotting, simpler finishing, and a shorter process time, lagoon Advanced Care takes care of your company.

Intelligent and environmentally friendly :

Farewell to solvent-based cleaning. Every type of clothing and textile, as well as the majority of leathers and even shoes, may be treated with lagoon® Advanced Care to provide optimal care in an eco-friendly manner.

Wet Cleaning Advantages :

Environmentally friendly The absence of harmful chemicals, as water serves as the solvent, has a positive effect on the environment. Versatility in Cleaning Wet clean your everyday clothing and the most fragile textiles; dry clean everything else. Simple to use Processes that are user-friendly and simple to understand shorten gestation time.

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